Grout and Tile Sealer

Description: Perm-Seal is the #1 sealant of choice for the tiling professional. Developed from advanced technologies, Perm-Seal provides unparalleled protection from oil and water-based stains to all types of tiles, masonry and grout.

Through extensive testing and research, we have found the right product that “shields” stone, masonry, and concrete surfaces against damage caused by water and oil. Perm-Seal leaves no residue, puddling, discoloration, etching or yellowing of treated surfaces and allows the treated area to breathe. Perm-Seal can be applied to damp, uncured or existing grout without a problem.

Perm-Seal in a nutshell:

  • Does not change original finish
  • Allows treated surface to breathe
  • Resists UV degradation
  • Blocks moisture penetration
  • Durable, Invisible, Stain Resistant
  • Protects against hot oils and grease
  • Quick drying and VOC complaint
  • Used on both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Apply to both polished and unpolished surfaces

Perm-Seal Comparison – Check out how Perm-Seal compares to other sealants in the industry.

Maintenance – No need to use harsh, abrasive cleaning agents, simply use water and a mild detergent. We recommend a Neutral cleaner for routine maintenance.