These are some of the Services we provide:

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet Stretching and Repair

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • Grout Sealing

  • Tile Shower Cleaning

  • Stone Floor Cleaning and Sealing

  • Granite Countertop Reconditioning

  • LVP Floor Cleaning

  • Wood Floor Cleaning

  • Upholstery Cleaning

  • Rug Cleaning

  • Garage Floor Cleaning

  • Patio Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

The major carpet manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain the appearance and warranties of your carpeting. We can keep your carpets looking their best with regular maintenance.  We can also take care of those pet problems or kid spills that happen without notice. Don’t go a minute longer with stained, dingy or unhealthy carpets.


Upholstery Cleaning

When we remember how we use our furniture every day, the necessity for proper professional care becomes clear. Special attention must be given to cleaning upholstery as it can consist of different fibers. We wouldn’t recommend using the same cleaning products for carpet on your upholstery as upholstery may consist of different types of fiber that need to be treated differently. When the correct care is given, upholstered furnishings will last for many years.


Oriental Rug Cleaning

Orientals need special care, but they’re worth it.
We use only the cleaning procedure that is recommended for each individual rug. The process will loosen the soils and leave the fibers soft without harming the dyes. Any spots on your rug are carefully removed with spot removers. Fringe cleaning and texturizing can also be done. Your rug is picked up and delivered at no additional charge.


Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Today we have the Tools, the Chemistry, and the Experience to deliver the cleanest possible results ever to tile and grout and other hard floor surfaces. Utilizing high pressure cleaning tools along with specialized grout brushes, buffers, eraser tools, and grout-safe chemistries we are able to achieve unbelievable results undeliverable before recent days. Please see the pictures and photos included here to see these amazing results. To see a live video check out

Homeowners and unequipped cleaners will be hard pressed to achieve these results with even the strongest elbow grease and unspecific chemistries. Finally, you can throw away the toothbrushes, the acids, and cure the bloodied knuckles for good. Call PermSeal on your tile & grout today because many people say that it would be crazy to clean with anyone else at any price.


Carpet Stretching and Repair

Do you have wrinkles in your carpet? Do you have a seam that is falling apart? Has the dog or cat been chewing on your carpet? In most cases, we can stretch and repair your carpet to make it look like nothing ever happened!


Granite Countertop Reconditioning

We make countertops look new again! Our 5 step process Reconditions, Polishes and Seals! We specialize in turning cloudy, dirty and dull-looking granite countertops into a surface you’ll love again! We offer the highest quality of work in the area guaranteed!